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Company background


DigiTerra® Information Services Ltd. is a privately owned software development company headquartered in Budapest (Hungary) with special focus on geoinformation. Based on the developers’ professional knowledge as forest engineers and a common interest in software programming, they got together as undergraduates to develop a GIS application which they called DigiTerra – Digital Earth. This was the cradle for a garage company founded in 1996.

The first business-driven task was preparation of a digital forestry map, followed by GIS-based production management software for forestry companies. Subsequent years saw the development of innovative, tailor-made GIS applications like the Land Parcel Identification System or the Ragweed Protection Information System. As opposed to its competitors' applications, DigiTerra solutions are based on the revelation that all important farming processes in forestry or agriculture are connected to spatial registry. As a result, each development is based on digital maps; business processes are linked tightly to their geographical relations. Major out-of-the-box software products are DigiTerra Explorer (mobile GIS field mapping software) and DigiTerra Map (integrated desktop GIS software for professional use). These applications have been sold worldwide and used by several thousand government and private customers since 2000.

Built on a reliable and still flexible core GIS engine, important development projects like the National Land Parcel Identification System, or industry specific solutions like a comprehensive ERP application for forestry companies made DigiTerra to market leader in agro-geoinformation.

International recognition has been increased since 2007 when DigiTerra Explorer has been translated to several new languages and sold worldwide through reseller network and large GPS receiver producing partners like Spectra Precision and Topcon Positioning. In contrast to slowly growing forests, DigiTerra Ltd quickly burgeoned, becoming a market leader in agro-geoinformation with products recognized as highly efficient tools of vector and raster geoinformatics. The latest result of this history in 2012 is the international launch of DigiTerra Explorer 7, a competitive, out-of-the-box mobile GIS application.