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Case studies



Mapping caves with DigiTerra ExplorerIt is made a review of the classical techniques and devices used for mapping underground galleries and natural caves. A new method is proposed and realized by the means of modern technologies in the Pepelyankata cave nearby the village of Bosnek, Pernik Province. A GPS receiver is used to determine the coordinates of the starting point. Another device - a combination between a laser rangefinder, a compass and an inclinometer, is used to measure the traverse and certain points inside the cave. All of the measurements are transferred wirelessly to a PDA device and represented by a suitable mobile GIS-enabled software. Some other data, including photos made by the PDA's integrated camera, is collected as an additional attribute information. Back in the office, the results are superposed on an old map of the cave, an orthophoto image and topographic map of the region for further analysis.


Paleontological research in Portugal


Paleontological research in Portugal :: Applied mobile GIS software: DigiTerra Explorer 6 Professional The Portuguese West Coast is a beautiful yet harsh landscape to explore due to high slope cliffs and very accelerated erosion process. This landscape conceals a very rich paleontological heritage: fossils of large vertebrate animals (mainly dinosaurs, turtles and crocodiles) from the jurassic period. Mobile GIS technology enabled paleontological researchers to better explore this area by determining exact location of fossils.


Antalya Water and Sewerage Administration, Turkey

Antalya_mapAntalya, with a population of over 1 million people is a well-known holiday destination located in a bay of the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Turkey. The drinking-water supply of local inhabitants and guests is provided by Antalya Water and Sewerage Administration. To keep up with the challenges of rapid growing urban area, the company introduced and operates a GIS system, supported by handheld Topcon GRS-1 GNSS receivers with DigiTerra Explorer.

Alert system supported by mobile map orientation

Towns Altotting / Neuotting thumbnailAltötting, a well-known destination for pilgrims in Bavaria, and Neuötting in its neighbourhood have almost become one town by now. The drinking-water supply of local inhabitants and guests is provided independently in both towns. To save costs the towns have recently set up a common alert system and apply DigiTerra Explorer in this project.
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