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Media coverage

DigiTerra Explorer - Product in Focus (GIS Professional Newsletter)

GPSDifferential Module for MobileMapper 6 enables DigiTerra Explorer 6 users to achieve sub-meter GPS performance

Post processing with Magellan MobileMapper6 and DigiTerra Explorer

Garden Rant: Plant hunters on the job

GPS-survey project in the Hungarian National Parks (interview in Hungarian)

British gardens surveyed by DigiTerra Explorer

International reseller agreement with Magellan GPS

DigiTerra participated on the largest German forestry fair with the GPS producer TT-Netcom

Beating the Weed in Hungary


ragweedA single ragweed plant can spew out a billion, highly allergenic pollen grains in just one season and bring misery to millions. Having crossed the Atlantic, this invasive species has established a firm beachhead in central Europe but faces a coordinated counterattack, with mobile GIS playing a lead role, as József Markócs reports.


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Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture Recommends Ashtech MobileMapper CX


The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (HCA), a public national agricultural informational and advisory service assisting Hungarian agricultural producers, has recommended that Hungarian farmers purchase MobileMapper® CX, GPS/GIS receivers to measure and calculate the size of land parcels they farm.

Read more: http://www.ashtech.com/hungarian-chamber-of-agriculture-recommends-ashtech-mobilemapper-cx-9408.kjsp?RH=PRO-EN


Fast GIS for Farm and Forest - DigiTerra introduced in GIM International Magazine

media_coverage-iconInterested in getting more insight in DigiTerra's company background? Have a look at the August edition of GIM International where you can read an article summarizing the history of our first 15 years. Find out more about the cradle of a garage company, get familiar with the driving ideas and forces that enabled DigiTerra to realize large GIS projects like the Hungarian Ragweed Information System or to develop innovative out-of-the -box Mobile GIS applications. Online version of the article is available by clicking on this link.