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Terms and conditions


1. Demo version
If you would try our software products before buying them, please download a free trial version by clicking on the menu “Downloads”.

2. Purchase order
Please send an e-mail to or contact your local reseller if you wish to purchase one of our software product. After receiving a purchase order, we are going to confirm your order either by e-mail or fax, and we will inform you about delivery time and conditions.

3. Payment conditions
Our invoice will be denominated in EUR and applicable VAT will be added, unless your country of origin is within the EU and you inform us about your EU VAT number. At the moment we can only accept bank transfers. In case of new partners you are asked to fulfill the payment before shipment, while existing partners receive an invoice with a payment term of 8 days.

4. Delivery
DigiTerra Explorer 7 software will be delivered physically on SD memory card or the licence file will be sent electronically. Please pay attention to our Software Licence Agreement before completing the payment and using the licence. Delivery costs will be added to the purchase price and we will inform you about the exact amount when confirming your order.

5. Guarantee
Before issuing SD cards with DigiTerra licence, we test them carefully with different hardware devices. On top of this, we provide a replacement guarantee of 1 year. In case any damage or data loss occurs, please return your SD card back, and either DigiTerra or your local dealer will replace it free of charge. However in case of improper use or if the SD card gets lost or stolen, our replacement guarantee shall not be valid. Please note, if DigiTerra Explorer licence will not be delivered on SD card but it is connected to a specific hardware (PDA or PC) and the hardware gets damaged, stolen or will be replaced, the licence can not be re-generated and moved to a new hardware.

6. New versions, upgrades
Software updates and upgrades within a version can be downloaded from our website. For registered users these are free of charge. New version releases (like change from v6 to v7) can be bought separately, for price information please contact us or our local reseller.

If the software upgrade will be provided on an SD card, you need to return your existing SD card. Please make sure to make a copy of your maps and data before returning your SD card, so that you can load them back into the new software.



Please, have a look at these testimonials that have been sent in by our reseller partners and customers. If you have a story to tell share yours.

Hello, My name is Dave Shandley, I am the Sales Manager for Mobile GIS Services and have been a Main distributor of DigiTerra Explorer for many years now in the UK and Ireland. We are very happy with the communication and service we get from all of the staff of DigiTerra in Budapest. Read more from Dave here...Dave Shandley,
Mobile GIS Services, UK
We really appreciate the quality of cooperation and speed of service and technical support provide by your company. It is a real pleasure to work with you.Tomasz Profus,
SmallGIS, Poland
Everyone needs DigiTerra Explorer,
- who already use GIS and wish to complement it by mobile data collection
- who does not use GIS yet but would like to learn it easily.Stefan Lutz,
Toptec LUTZ, Switzerland
DigiTerra would be a perfect product for us to master and promote as the ArcPad alternative. Your application seems to have more traction and web presence as well. well.Brian Mickel,
Loggerhead Navigation, California, USA
We have studied your Product. I have got to say that's very good work, thank you.Serge Klukach,
OOO Splain (Trimble Partner), Belarus
Please rest assured that we have selected DigiTerra for this trial not only because of the quality of their products, but mostly for the unmatched level of support and service they provide. This feedback also comes from my SXBlue reseller network.Jean-Yves Lauture,
Geneq Inc., Canada
We tested DigiTerra Explorer on the Algiz 7 tablet. Everything works fine, we're very satisfied with the software! Thanks for your quick response! Walton Edwards,
GeoSoluciones, Chile
I am very impressed how fast things can go. Thank you very much!Marcus Hönegger,
geoAT. (Trimble), Austria
Our central GIS unit uses ESRI hence their reaction was why not put ArcPad on the MobileMapper CE units, but of course I wouldn't be able to programme anything then as I'm not a Visual Basic developer! DigiTerra has been really useful and it is certainly my preferred option due to it's flexibility.Chris Thomson,
I tried the new version and must say that there are a lot of new interesting things. Everything are working fine.Miroslav Horg,
Livona d.o.o. (Trimble), Serbia
During the meeting, some dealers from Japan and India have an interesting for DigiTerra software. Especially, Indian dealer has a deep interesting for 3M Dynatel connection with DigiTerra and Japanese dealer also has an interesting for strong map loading capabilities compared with ArcPad which is being sold by him. We are very happy to work with you and thank you again for your determination. determination.S. B. Lim,
DongWon Survey Consultants Co. Ltd, Korea
I believe your software is more flexible and the customers I introduced to had always a very positive impression. impression.Fernando Miranda,
Cotecmi, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia
I have just right now been outside with a GeoExplorer 2008 XT coupled with a Nokia Phone for dGPS access. Everything works finecongratulations! Marcus Hönegger,
geoAT, Austria,
I would like to provide my general impression, that DigiTerra is an excellent product and in a very reasonable cost, considering the rich set of features that provides. DigiTerra provides a complete framework for applying typical GIS tasks especially in the domain of data preparation for field workers. On the other hand, it is one of the richest software for field mapping and field data capturing. Especially its capabilities for editing and sampling are unique.Katerina Gagaki,