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Utility management back and now


Utility management back and now

As real estate density increases, underground constructions has nowadays become more complex. Locating pipelines and cables is more difficult than ever. Workflow has to be better coordinated and to security issues and deadlines have to be paid increased attention. In order to better take up these challenges, utilities construction can be supported by electronic equipments, GPS technology, and digital maps.

Utility management

GPS technology with DigiTerra Explorer and cable locators (3M Dynatel or Leica DIGICAT) simplifies utility management

Cable locator with DigiTerra ExplorerConnecting 3M Dynatel or Leica DIGICAT cable locators and markers complemented with GPS receivers and DigiTerra Explorer mobile GIS software is one of the most innovative technology that can increase efficiency in the construction and utility sector.

Precise GPS mapping can replace traditional schematic maps that may be incomplete, inaccurate, and difficult to maintain. This effort can be done efficiently in conjunction with utility construction and maintenance activities, and the resulting data supports the preparation and continuous upgrading of infrastructure records.

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