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Area measurement - why?

Area is one of the most important features of geographical objects like agricultural parcels, forests, nature reservations or lakes. Area measurement supported by a GPS receiver is an obvious method to map any geographical object, but many people do not have extensive technological knowledge to do this job. For this reason, DigiTerra offers a simple solution: walk, drive, ride, fly or ship around and area and define its size by pressing a single button.

Walk around, press a button and find out the size!

There are several factors that should be considered when measuring with a GPS receiver
  • conditions of measurement: number of satellites, PDOP value, availability and type of DGPS correction, GPS receiver etc.
  • shape of the area: regular or irregular, insular or composite area etc.
  • neighbouring conditions: is it possible to walk around the area or is it fenced?
  • human factor: how to hold the GPS receiver?
Although GPS area measurement with handheld equipments does not offer a geodetic accuracy of centimeters (even millimeters) but you do not need to pay a fortune for professional devices and you can do the job on your own, with an easy to use solution.

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