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YOU_ARE_HERE : Home Solutions GPS area measurement Benefits


  1. Data collection is supported by several area measurement methods
  2. Collection of descriptive data can be more efficient by using simply customizable data collection sheets
  3. Measurements can be edited in the fieldĀ  (modification of a position by manual input or dragging of a coordinate)
  4. Desktop version of DigiTerra Explorer is able to print measurement protocols and maps immediately after uploading the data from the handheld computer
  5. Measurement data can protected by read-only option for data consistency
  6. Local projection can be used in each country, there is no need for transformation of measurements
  7. Area and its borders can be separated or unified with a handy editing tool
  8. Thematic maps can be prepared in the field (for example: each species has a different colour code on the map)
  9. Measured area can be easily found again by using built-in GPS navigation function.