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How does it work?


Area measurement step by step

01 Positioning: GPS area measurement makes use of the geographical positioning technology based on satellites. Today everybody can afford a Windows-based handheld computer with built-in GPS receiver. To select the appropriate GPS receiver you have to pay attention to accuracy and ruggedness: mainly these two factors influence the price of a device.

02 Data collection and processing: Size of the area will be calculated by DigiTerra Explorer software, based on the geographical positions collected with the handheld GPS receiver. The software processes positions and stores the result in a vector map layer and the connected descriptive data table.

Area measurement methods

Depending on the shape and accessibility of the area, you can select one of the following built-in methods:
  • Continuous measurement by walking around
  • Measurement of corner points (vertex-based; stop and go method)
  • Measurement parallel to the corner at fixed distance
  • Combination of continuous and corner points measurement
  • Measurement of smaller insular areas within a larger area