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All GPS devices and TruPulse 360TruPulse 360B laser rangefinder

Imagine how much easier your fieldwork would be if you didn’t have to occupy the location you need to record. You can realize such freedom by complementing your GPS receiver with DigiTerra Explorer and the powerful TruPulse 360B laser range finder. Find a spot that works best for your GPS and start shooting laser offsets to all the features within a distance of 1 kilometer. Your efficiency will grow since you don’t need to move to each object one by one in hard-to-reach locations. Due to its 7 power magnification and long range capabilities, there is no target out of reach. With the TruPulse 360, you’ll be collecting more field data in a lot less time.

(Azimuth + Distance) + (GPS + DigiTerra Explorer) = Advanced positioning technology

GIS/GPS solution in one handThe TruPulse’s ground-breaking technology lets you capture accurate compass data without inclination limitations. The unit can be pitched or rolled in any direction, and it will still measure the correct azimuth. No other all-in-one compass/laser can do this!

Keep in mind, this laser is not just for GPS offsets to hard-to-reach locations, you can be mapping everything in your GIS project and using it for elevation data or to measure heights as an attribute to a feature. Simply connect Trupulse with your GPS receiver via Bluetooth, and DigiTerra Explorer will process captured data in an integrated way. So you can immediately record height and distance data connected to the position on display them on the digital map.

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