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  1. Up-to-date and accurate geographical data collection in a short time
  2. Displaying of maps, analysis andĀ  decision making will be faster
  3. Positions collected with the GPS receiver can be put immediately in the relevant geographical projection, there is no need for further projection transformations
  4. Data collection is supported by several point, line and polygon measurement methods
  5. Data collection sheets can be easily designed and customized
  6. Parameters of the GPS measurement (number of satellites, PDOP value, availability of DGPS correction) will be recorded automatically on the data collection sheet
  7. Adjustable rules for data fields increase consistency of data collection
  8. Measurements can be edited in the fieldĀ  (modification of a position by manual input or dragging of a coordinate)
  9. Desktop version of DigiTerra Explorer is able to print measurement protocols and maps immediately after uploading the data from the handheld computer
  10. Measurements can be displayed in the field as a thematic map, coloured by arbitrary classification criteria stored in the database
  11. Recorded objects can be easily found again by using built-in GPS navigation function