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Field data collection everywhere, anywhere, about anything

Handheld computers with built in (or connected) GPS receiver have facilitated the spread of applications that are able to make use of the specific features of these devices. The latest types of PDA’s with Windows CE / Mobile operation system are not just personal secretaries in the pocket, but offer serious field GIS functions with DigiTerra Explorer. As a result, surveyors have all GIS data capture and analysis functions on the field that were previously available only on desktop computers.

Surveyors just have to go the field and based on the GPS positions they can immediately create point, line or polygon type objects on the map within DigiTerra Explorer.

Since you can record and modify data in the field, it is not necessary to make adjustments later in the office. This will save time, data consistency will increase and reliable analysis will be possible. Thanks to the mobile technology, your geographical database will be up-to-date and constantly improved by real-time modifications.